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32.55MB(5585 скачиваний).Automation of photogrammetric data acquisition in dynamic three-dimensional mode: A potential method for more accurate stroke volume measurements. The photogrammetry process is normally implemented using a four-field method for accurate volume measurements. In this study, an optimization method is developed to improve photogrammetry by reducing the time required to capture an image and thus enabling more fields to be acquired in the image sequence. This technique is termed three-dimensional (3D) dynamic photogrammetry (D-P), and its accuracy is evaluated in comparison with the conventional four-field method. A total of three identical tests were performed using air, saline and blood as the static and dynamic imaging media. The peak-systolic volumes obtained from D-P (D-Pv; 3D dynamic photogrammetry method) were compared with those obtained from the four-field method (4Fv; 4-field method). The 3D dynamic photogrammetry method significantly reduces the number of images captured (to 5) compared with the four-field method (to 11). The percentage error in the peak-systolic volume was -2.8% (P > 0.05), -4.1% (P 0.05) for the air, saline and blood tests, respectively. Thus, the 3D dynamic photogrammetry method is promising for more accurate volume measurements than the four-field method.Facilitated evolution in the Amundsen Sea Polynya and the South Pacific Gyre through frequent low-frequency perturbations. A polynya in the Amundsen Sea, one of the world's largest open-ocean polynyas, is rapidly eroding, and it has been proposed that this is due to a changing sea ice cover. If the polynya is indeed rapidly eroding, it should facilitate evolution within the polynya and allow ice-free habitat to be colonized. To address this hypothesis, a novel measure of community perturbation frequency (CPF) is defined to assess the frequency of the sea ice cover and related sea ice conditions in the Amundsen Sea and North Atlantic. It is shown that the CPF of the Amundsen Sea polynya is highly perturbed on the time scale of 10 years, and that the perturbations are low-frequency pert




Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Book-CODEX Crack Free

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