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Guide to DJing - Part.2 Why DJ

Welcome to part 2 of the simplified creative guide to DJing by DJ Katrin Love. In this post I will discuss a very important topic "WHY DJ" !

DJing will give you a better understanding of the reason(s) why music makes you feel a certain way, how do you start to develop and grow an even more intimate relationship with it? How can you be in control and command the masses.

From my experience over the years, we all got into DJing for the love of music, clubbing had an impact, other DJs we listened to made us feel a certain way, and we fell in love with that feeling. I mean music is what separates humans from animals (this is a topic for another time).

Many have the pleasure to capitalize on that love, and there are almost unlimited opportunities today to do what you love and make some type of living out of it too. Whether you take DJing as a full-time career or as a part-time gig. I know many that are a club, radio, events, and digital DJs. They have residency in a venue or run a night, they have a show on the radio, or have used social media platforms to monetize their unique character with brand deals and online advertising. Many, more than I can admit to, they start it as a hobby, then gets a little bit more serious, a bit more addictive, and next thing you know, they start making an income. I guess the old cliche is still alive and strong, "do what you lvoe and money will follow". I know bedroom DJs that make a substantial amount from their skills (again a topic for another day).

Whatever your reasons are to start DJing, as you progress in your journey, those initial reasons give way to new opportunities and creative directions that take you down a path. My advice is to eliminate "NO" and take chances and opportunities, there are no risks or any downside involved with this profession or hobby.

In my next creative guide to DJing part 3, I will discuss with you what tools you require to get you started or with what you got to play with.


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