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Dark side of a DJ Life

DJ Katrin Love

Lotta friends tell me how lucky I am being a DJ and my life is a party, but they don’t see the tiring-side of it, which I hide to give positive energy.

So here I thought of sharing some negative side of a DJ’s life...

First of all, 5 hours sets 6 days a week ( if you do residency) plus wearing high heels (goes for female djs obviously 😂) is not easy at all.

Secondly, whenever you dj at the parties it’s a big energy consumption, as we take the responsibility to ensure majority live the moment and forget their everyday problems, and usually after big events I am more exhausted mentally than physically.

I must mention, that DJs sleeping pattern and timings are always different from “normal people”. Not to forget about “Djing syndrome”, which means from time to time I dj in my dreams 😂

Lotta DJs are left lonely, their lifestyles makes it impossible to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. If a DJ’s partner is not working in the same music field, he or she will be permanently jealous of all the attentions his or her partner gets.

Oh how could I forget about some musically uneducated guests that sometime request the wrong song at the wrong time especially the ones that ask to play their request “Right Now” that breaks the energy flow causing us to rebuild the room vibe again is just exhausting.

Well, I guess that’s it for today, me and my permanent back pain wish you a great day.

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